Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Releasing Butterflies

Lexi is our little Butterfly. She is growing and changing right before our eyes and it is just amazing to watch. She has changed so much since we first laid eyes on her in February. A few weeks ago our Monarch caterpillars started hatching from their chrysalis. Lexi has been watching them grow and would check on them every day. She thinks she needs to pet each one. Well, after work one day she and I went outside at Mom's and released 13 butterflies. She was so cute to watch. She is definately going to be a butterfly lover like her Mommy!

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mhsands said...

That is so sweet. Just as long as she doesn't try to rescue critters off of 196, she will be okay! LOL!

W Smith said...

I totally agree! No rescuing snapping turtles in the middle of a four lane highway for Lexi. Believe me, I learned THAT lesson!