Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poor Rusty!


Aug 295

Practically every day as soon as we get home Lexi and I let Sable out and then pittle for a bit in the back yard watering plants and playing.  Well, sadly her planting spot is disintegrating slow.  In the far left corner you can see where every day a little more of the bottom falls through.  We had just recently planted some milkweed in it but we’ll be lucky if the whole bottom doesn’t collapse one day soon.  I need a new container for her to use next Spring. 

When we were outside today I couldn’t help but see how pretty her hair was falling around her face.  I told her how pretty she was and asked if I could take a picture of her outside.  She told me yes, but then when I got the camera she refused to smile.  I hate it when she does that because she comes across being so sad.  She is usually a very happy girl!

Aug 297

After we came inside, I began dinner.  I wanted to have it ready early because she has not been eating well and I planned to refuse giving her juice or milk or any snacks until dinner.  I did give her water and she was fine with that because I gave her a small bottle of water.  While dinner was finishing cooking, we did some reading and playing and when dinner was done … this was the end result!

Aug 300


Aug 303

Aug 305

I’m SURE this was the most she has eaten at one sitting all week!  She still mostly only ate rice with gravy but at least she ate.  Then she drank some milk.  Of course, she still refused to crack a smile!  Next we are off for an early bath and some more reading and play.  I may just need to get us into this routine every day. 

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