Thursday, February 24, 2011

Has it really only been 2 years?

Yes it correct.  Your eyes are not seeing things.  Guess who's back, back again, Guess who's back, tell a friend, Daddy's back, Daddy's back, Daddy's back.  For all of those who have begged and pleaded for more posts from Dad, your wish (or nightmare) it will be decided soon enough, is about to come true.  And for all of you who didn't ask for my return, you will just have to suffer through.  Wanda and LJ are forced to listen to my uncanny sense of humour and wisecracks on a daily basis, the world might as well get a chance to share there joy as well. 

Where to begin... I'd say we begin with humour, but since we might not get to that part anyway (depending on your opinion), we'll leave that as a goal for the end.

Its hard to believe its been 2 years since we saw LJ in person for the first time.  Everything seemed so slow and drawn out up to the day we got to pick her up.  And its been non-stop since then.  We were going to have a dinner to remind of us our first day, but cold Papa John's pizza (nice product placement if I say so myself) or chinese food for dinner, however we went with a wonderfully prepared baked tilapia and rice for dinner instead.  The cold pizza we will save for another day.  And if Papa Johns would like to use our story as a commercial, please leave a message and our people will call your people.  In my office I have the two best pictures I think I could possibly have.  The first is of Wanda holding Lexi for the first time, and I think I can still see the tears on her cheek, and the first of myself holding Lexi.  I don't think there is anyway that I could change out those two pictures.  Others come and go, but these two will remain.  I can still see those pictures in my head, along with part of that first day.  I wish i could say that I remember everything from everyday that we were there, but that is just wishful thinking at this point.  One of these days we will put our video together and the memories will be kept alive for Lexi to see later on. 

So here's a toast to cold pizza, a darling princess of a 3 year old that is ours forever and ever, and to the best Mom she could ever have asked for, and the most wonderful wife a husband could ask for.  Two years have flown by fast, and we have a long time to go and a lot more to learn.  Lexi.... see you in a few hours for a potty break and the between 3 and 5 when you decide you need to sleep with Mommy and Daddy.  Your always welcome in our bed.  Mom just wishes you would let her sleep a little longer on the weekends... she enjoys the nuggling... just let her sleep till 8.


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