Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a really nice family Easter this year.  I wish I had been able to post during the weekend but it was so busy!  We’ve been going to Savannah Christian Church for a while now and just love it but at the same time we miss attending church with my parents so we decided to go to a Saturday service at SCC and then go to Mom and Dad’s on Sunday.  So once we were up on Saturday, Lj and I began making preparations!  It was so much fun!  We made our annual “Peep Sunflower Cake”, rolls for Sunday dinner, a Bunny Yeast Roll Bread to use as a veggie tray at Mom’s, and we dyed Easter eggs!  Whew!  All before getting ready for the 4:30 service! 

Here’s a bit of a review of our family fun!


Geoff even helped Lj mix up the cake.


As usual she just has to lick the batter!


Here’s the pre-cooked Bunny Rabbit.



Then we dyed Easter Eggs…




And then finished the Peep Cake…


And when we were finished I asked Lexi to let me take a picture of her with her cake, which is when she decided she should lick it!  Beware of anything Lj cooks! 


Then she decided that she should chase her Daddy and wipe her chocolate nose on him.  With his broken foot, she just about got him!


Next the bunny bread was ready.


Then we got ready for church.  I tried my best to get her to let me take a picture of her in the dress her Aunt Carolyn bought her but this was the best I could do. . .


Before she took off running!  We then attended a very nice service at SCC and head back home to get ready for Sunday morning…

Lexi left carrots for the Easter bunny….


and exchange got a basket full of Easter goodies!


of course she wanted to eat the candy right away but we had more church to do at First Baptist with Mom and Dad.  We finished the Veggie Tray Bunny Sunday morning.


Afterwards we headed home to gather our stuff for dinner and I tried to get more pictures of Lj but once again they were not the best.  She just does not like her photo taken!  She insisted on playing with a stick instead of cooperating and then she ran like mad away from me… into the house!



We even tried for more pictures after church but instead she wanted to take photos of us!


We had a really nice lunch at Mom and Dad’s with Jenna, Charles, and their boys.  it was a really extra special Easter.  Each year gets more special as Lexi learns more.  This Easter she even said a prayer for the family dinner.  I was feeling very proud of her!


Once again… another special family day has come and gone and I didn’t take enough photos! 

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the mommy said...

Wanda that Bunny Bread is super duper cute. I love it :)