Monday, April 11, 2011

Dress Down, Up and all Around Memories Worth Blogging!

Play Attire….

(Actually there is a cute outfit UNDER that tutu!)


Sunday Best…




These were taken just before we left to “go play with the girls and boys” at Savannah Christian.  Lexi loves our new church!

Either is fine with me!

And while I’m taking some blogging time… I had to share some funny moments in the life with Lexi over the last week.

* Last Friday, she woke up and wanted “chocky-milk” before I could get her to Mom’s so when Geoff told her she had to wait until she got to Nana’s she told him, “I’ll go make it myself.  I’ll get the milk, and pour it in the cup and put the chocky in it and shake it up”.   Hummm…. she knows how but can you imagine the mess!  Needless to say she had to wait for her “chocky-milk”! We have to make her wait until she has breakfast otherwise all she will have for breakfast is milk!

*  Also on Friday just prior to the “chocky-milk” episode she comes to our room and very loudly says (we had yet to get out of bed) “DADDY, I THOUGHT you told me you were going to give me a kiss and I thought you were going to pick me up and put me in your bed!!!!”.   Geoff had worked really late and I had told her that he would give her a kiss when he got home.  She kind of added details!  Now that she is potty trained she frequently finds a way to sleep with us by way of the “I have to go potty” excuse and then we are too sleepy to endure the fuss in the middle of the night.  Ugh… she has us whipped!  Completely and Totally!

* Then over the weekend on Saturday, she wants more “chocky-milk”.  After already being told no, she begins with “Mommy, I don’t have any chocky-milk in my hand”.  I reminded her that she could wait for lunch and have some water.  Next thing I know I hear… “Mommy, I don’t have any chips in my hand”.  I asked her if that was her way of asking for chips and then promptly told her that she had to eat a good lunch first.

Lexi is growing by leaps and bounds!  She has recently began to have imaginary conversations with Aunt Neaners on an old cell phone.  Her vocabulary is getting better and better and she has to be into everything and her favorite words by far are … “BUT WHY???”  As in the words of my friend Melissa, “Lord help us Jesus!”.  

Oh and by the way… the dress above was bought years ago.  Remember this post??? Here it is 5… YES,  FIVE years later and finally she is wearing the dress!  Yes, it was worth the wait! And FYI this dress is an 18 month HartStrings dress and it is as Lexi would say “beautiful!”.  And she is certainly more beautiful in it than I ever imagine 5 years ago!

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