Monday, April 18, 2011

Saying Good-bye to Tax-Season!!!

I wish I could say each tax season got easier for our family but I can't. As Lexi grows older, it's harder to explain why Daddy is coming home later and later not to mention that it seems the older she gets, the more demanding she gets. This tax season, Geoff worked more overtime than ever before. I'm not complaining at all just stating facts. I am proud of how hard he worked for his employers this year and for the future of our family. He has done an amazing job trying to balance his professional and personal time.

So tonight after he got home, we had to have a new photo "End of Tax Season 2011" photo session (much like last years). I wish we were able to take off and do something special with Lj like we did last year but this year our school is in the midst of annual testing. The funny thing is he will be home tomorrow and then I'll be home on Friday. Such is the luck!

And this is one happy Mama and I'm so happy that we will have more time with Daddy!


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