Monday, April 18, 2011

U stands for Up, Under, and Umbrella!

Last week Lexi had to bring in the snack for her class on Wednesday.  They happened to be studying the letter "U" and "Up" and "Under".  So we thought very hard about a snack that would help teach those skills.  We came up with a cupcake and on Tuesday we came home and got started about 6:00.  Just let me say she's a helpful (handful) in the kitchen. 

Here is is ready to rock and roll!  She only smiled because I bribed her!

Mixing the cuppy-cakes!

Tasting the Cuppy-cakes! And then promptly spilling batter all down the front of her "pretty dress" that Ms. Fair gave her so we had to have a wardrobe change!

While the "cuppy-cakes" baked, we worked on smashing Nilla Wafer to pieces!

Armed and ready to frost the "cuppy-cakes".

Taking a "break" while Mommy gathers all of our supplies, Lexi decided to have some fun with the dental floss she got that day from her dentist visit while I was not looking!  (P.S. No cavities!) 
Supplies ready!

Working Hard...

Adding finishing touches...

The first finished "cuppy-cake"!

A little taste here...

And a little taste there! 

The one according to Lexi that "was not working".  

The mess we left behind! 

Lexi's finished "cuppy-cakes".

Mommy's Cupcakes for the class. 

The break-down of the skills demonstrated in this snack ...
.... The letter "U" cupcake wrapper (made by Melissa)
... a chocolate cake for dirt for the gummy worm to come "UP" out of 
... sand (smashed NIlla Wafers) to sit the Teddy Grahams on as they sat "UNDER" an "Umbrella". 

One happy little girl!

She even helped clean up the kitchen! 

Anyone care for a taste-tested gummy worm?  Lj did not like them!

Need I say, it was WAY past bedtime but Daddy was still not home from work so we just let it go!  We girls had lots of fun and I can't wait to do the snack for next month!

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