Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Tax-Season “widow and daughter”…

Thankfully, the worst of tax season happens near the end like NOW!  Lexi is now getting extra time up at night to at least see her Daddy before bed.  But for the most part it is me and her.  7 days a week!  So tonight I decided to post a little about our evening.

Lexi has now decided that getting her hair washed is CRUEL and UNUSUAL treatment.  Need I say BATTLE???

She also now insists on helping me cook EVERY meal!  Who couldn’t accept that help when you are always the only one cooking???  However, tonight when I took pictures of her helping me I had the camera on manual focus as opposed to automatic focus and without my glasses, the quick view of the photo looked good.  (was not at all) She was at least a good helper making the salad!


Then we got the dreaded bath and hair washing and eventually settled in to reading books and practicing our writing.  (This is when I discovered that the camera setting was wrong!)  She practiced writing her name using a technique my friend Sharon shared with me today called “Rainbow Printing”.  Lexi really liked it!

Here’s my example for her….


And here is her’s … (not too shabby!)


Then we read 3 versions of the “Three Little Pigs”.  Need I say I’m a huge fan of pig-themed books!???  It was always one of my favorite units to teach when I taught 2nd grade and it was extra special fun to read these books with Lexi tonight.  Hopefully she will love the “pig” books as much as I loved teaching with them!


After reading, Lj and I were talking about what she learned at school today and she suddenly told me that she didn’t like Rachel.  I asked her why and she told me that Rachel was a BOY.  I told her that Rachel was girl but Lexi insisted that she was a boy because she wore a BLUE dress and a BLUE jacket.  LOL!  I explained that girls can wear blue and all was good again between Lexi and Rachel!   If only all life’s difficulties were settled so easily!

And last but not least, here are some photos in focus of our silly Lexi avoiding the camera wearing a “dress” that is meant for next winter that Grandma bought.  Hopefully, she will not wear it out before she grows into it!  But what is a parent to do when the daughter insists that dresses are all-day attire? 



And for now, all is well in the world of Lexi.  Her daddy came home and now is rocking her and tucking her in for bed.  She makes him promise that he will let me fall asleep first before he goes to sleep.  Isn’t it funny how little ones pick up on that kind of stuff.  Geoff never sleeps well when I am not home and he prefers I be asleep before he goes to sleep because of my chronic insomnia.  So how does she figure this stuff out?  Gracious!  I think she is smarter than we ever will be!

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mhsands said...

Good Lord girl, you should be going with me to my photography classes on Sundays! :)

I don't think Trace will ever BE ABLE to wait and see if I'm asleep. He is gone as soon as he sits down, much less getting in the bed. LOL!