Saturday, October 22, 2005

Baby Furniture and Baldy

Today began like most Saturdays... sleeping later than usual and the dogs amusing me in our bed after Geoff let them out of their kennels (Sable is the cocker spaniel and Patches is the beagle/terrier mix). As Sable did her usual silly antics in our bed, I could only wonder how the dogs will adjust to having Lexi share their spotlight. Since Sara moved out, the dogs have been our "children". Geoff had a optomologist appointment today in Savannah but first I went to Jenna's Buzz Party. For those of you who do not know, Jenna is my niece. She has breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy just a few weeks ago. She has handled this ordeal with amazing strength and is an inspiration for us all. She began chemo this week and decided to have a buzz party to prepare herself for her hair falling out. I honestly did not want to watch but went in support. It was amazing to see all of the people who turned out on her behalf and it was really a good time. Jenna dyed her hair pink about a week ago and it looked really cool on her but after seeing her with a shaved head, I think she looks more beautiful than ever. Her husband, Charlie also shaved his head. They are a baldy cute couple now! (to learn more about Jenna follow the link on our blog) I had to leave before they were finished but I did leave feeling blessed to have such a strong young woman in our family. As soon as I came home, we went to Savannah for Geoff's eye appointment. Afterwards, we went to a store to look at baby furniture. It was fun to look at the different cribs but the amazing thing was the crib Geoff wanted to see was not one that I cared for very much in the store's catalog but once I saw it in person it turned out to be the one we want to get for Lexi. I'm so ready to begin decorating and furnishing her room. We've dreamed for so long of having a baby, setting up the room will make it even more real... it's just a matter of time before we bring our daughter home.

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