Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Most Precious Book...

Okay… so I bought a few books for Lexi! It IS the teacher in me. She must have books. I have to admit that one of the 3 Geoff bought is the best. The title is I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. I was totally amazed that he had found such a great book before me. I’m the book guru! I have it out so we can see it along with the other things around the house we have begun to buy for her. Anyone adopting from China must have it.

We finally, got the missing form from the homestudy agency yesterday and had a friend who has a friend that works at DFACS turn it in to the proper person. That’s a bit crazy isn’t it? The homestudy agency says they faxed it to DFACS 3 times. Of course, they also told us they faxed it to Geoff’s office about 3 times. I’m wondering if someone really knows how to use a fax machine. We could have gotten the form faster through snail mail. At least we finally have it and hopefully, DFACS will complete it in a timely manner and the homestudy will be complete. One small accomplishment in the sea of paperwork!

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