Monday, October 17, 2005

Here Kitty, Kitty

Well, everything went fine with the homestudy yesterday. Hopefully we can get the CPS document completed this week from the local DFACS. On our first home visit, we were afraid that Sable and Patches would jump all over the counselor (Linda) so we put them in their crate. Sable barked and acted out a good bit of the time. So this time I left them out. They showered her with affection when she arrived but then settled right down. You know as part of the home study, we had to get documentation from the vet that all of our animals shots were up to date. And Linda had to take a look at them too. Well, the both cats cleared out during the first home visit so this time I had to make sure she saw them. This was torture for Smokey. It interfered with his routine of hanging out around the yard. Muffin didn't mind so much but when the dogs started to bark at the door, she took off and hid IN the recliner. The funny thing is that Smokey actually came out and socialized. He hardly EVER does this unless he wants the water to be turned on in the sink so he can get a drink, or is hungry. Finally Muffin came out of the recliner on her own. So now, Linda has met all of the animals who will suffer from not being the center of attention around here once Lexi comes home.

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