Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It was a labor of love...

These are pictures of our "newly" relandscaped front flower bed. After our first homestudy and upon learning that we were going to have to take pictures of our house and family for the dossier, we were finally motivated to do some landscaping to improve the looks of things around here. I came up with the idea of inviting the family over on Labor Day to help with the relandscaping. The idea was to have everyone plant something before eating a Labor Day Grill Out Feast. It turned out great! We ended up with Sara and Chris, Carolyn and Britney (we even heard from John in Iraq), Jenna, Charlie, and Joshua, Mom, Dad and Richard, and even Chris' Mom and Don. This is the finished product with a few added additions. Now I find myself wondering how I can "redecorate" it for each new season. It was so nice to have everyone pull together to make things nicer for Lexi. It was also fun to do it on Labor Day. Labor Day was already a special day for me because it is a yearly reminder of Sara's birthday. She was actually born on Monday, Sept. 6th on Labor Day. Although she is grown, happily married and out on her own, she is totally supportive of us adopting her a little sister and will gladly give up the title of "only child" to make room for Lexi.

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