Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The First Toy

It's odd how you go about buying some things. Most of the time when I buy things, as Wanda could probably tell you (Don't ask about the meat from the freezer in the back of a rundown truck) is on impulse. Same goes for the dog and blanket. Last year one of Wanda's friends had a baby and as a gift we bought her a blanket from Macy's. If they could only make adult blankets that soft. So we knew when we decided to go ahead and pursue the adoption we had to have a blanket of our own. We went back to Macy's a couple of months ago to buy a birthday present for Wanda's same friend and ran across the blankets again. Then not leaving soon enough I came across the stuffed dogs. One idea they gave us during the original meeting was sending a stuffed animal/toy to the children in the orphanage and it would beneficial for the child. So.. I picked up the dog. Very soft as well. The dog purchase seemed to lead in to a theme.. the bathroom is now done in dogs and cats. Just need to do something with that wallpaper.

We now have a room ready (no furniture yet, but Wanda can tell I am getting the itch to go look), a toy and blanket, some books for her (3 from me, 50 from Wanda - she says its the teacher in her, I think she just wanted to out do my 3!). One item we are still debating is the crib bedding as well. My choices seem to be different from hers. I have been told I am not allowed to pick out any items by myself ever again. It has something to do with the paint sampling I did for our bedroom. It was supposed to be a burnt orange color, didn't turn out that way. The lime green that was on the other half of the wall was not supposed to be that lime either. I will say that after a week the orange was starting to grow on me. Wanda sometimes refers to me as different or eccentric or maybe it was color blind.

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