Monday, February 13, 2006

Books, Books and More Books!

Last Friday, we got a package in the mail. Of course our first thought was that someone had sent us the first piece of fabric and a wish for Lexi. So Geoff opens it. It was from his Aunt Neaners who is very dear to us. Well, inside was a sweetest book! It is entitled Why I Chose You and was written by Gregory E. Lang. We love it! Thank you so much Neaners for thinking of us!

And today at work, I noticed I had a few packages in the office. I had ordered some books a week or so ago for Lexi. It totally was a fun diversion from work. At the time I discovered them I had been at my computer reading lesson plans of teachers for about 3 hours... and my eyes were killing me! So I happily opened up the books and dreamed for a few minutes about one day reading these books with Lexi. I know it is silly, but these kinds of things keep us going. Of course, the teacher in me drives me to buy her books. Most of these are perfect for a baby or toddler because they are board books. We really must begin thinking about a book shelf for her room. As a teacher, I had many "bonus" points saved up from ordering books with students last year through Scholastic. So many of these books were free... which is even better!! I especially love My First Chinese New Year and this one is unavailable to the general public. They really need to do something about that!

Geoff's mother is collecting books for Lexi too. And even better, she's collecting the stuffed animal to go with them. Through a program called Kohl's Cares of Kids they have books throughout the year for $5 (what a deal!) with matching stuffed animals. The best part is that 100% of the net profits from the sale of these items benefit health and educational opportunities for children. For Christmas, Geoff's parents bought her a book with a Snoopy and another with with Woodstock. This time, I'm especially excited because the books are by Eric Carle' who is one my favorite children's book authors. I'm sure Lexi will love them!

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