Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Fabric

I'm finally posting the fabric that was sent to my Mom last week. It's from our dear friend Linda, who was my second Mom growing up in Charleston. They were forever together with all of us kids. Some of my fondest memories early in life involve Linda, Mom, and all of us kids. I was big pals with Debbie, her oldest daughter and also Kelly, who being the youngest in the bunch took lots of teasing from Kelly and I. So here's 3 scraps of fabric from three very dear people. (I don't have a wish yet, but believe me I plan to remedy that one day. And/or I'll get some pictures of all of us "back in the day" and put on their page. You know, I'm beginning to see how much this project is bringing together people in our lives. I'm also seeing how much the addition of Lexi to our family and friends lives is having a positive effect. Who knew!

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