Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope by this time next year, we'll be settling in with our very own little luv bug from China! I joined a Yahoo Group last night of others who are DTC as of January. I think it will be very nice to have a group of others who are also going through the same process. I even enrolled in their secret pal program. This month the theme is "The Year of the Dog". I've got to figure out something to send my secret pal within this theme. Of course, I'm racking my brain for ideas!

I'm still awaiting the arrival of the first swatch of fabric for the quilt. One of the ladies from work told me today that they were working on their idea. I taught her son a few years ago and he has ideas for their page. I can't wait to see it. Another teacher at work told me that she would be going through fabric and "things" they have as a family looking for a piece of fabric that has significance for them. I'm so happy to see that our friends and family are as excited about this project as we are.

On a funny note... today was, of course, Valentine's Day. It was my first Valentine's Day without a class. I still had a few students bring me a card. Well, at the end of the day one of my sweeties from last year brought me a surprise. He made me close my eyes and when he was ready, he presented me with a special cupcake. Well, his father is a great baker so I just assumed that his father had made the cupcake that I was being presented and that it was okay to eat. (no disrespect intended but as a teacher, you learn to know who prepares the food you eat and that IF you don't know who prepared a treat... don't eat it!) I started to pinch off a bite of cupcake as I asked him if he had helped bake the cupcakes. Afterall, he had told me exactly what kind of icing it had (buttercream) and the kind of red sprinkles (cherry flavored). But about the time I put the cupcake in my mouth (already a bit worried because it had a really stale feeling texture to the cake), he informed me that some kid in his class brought in the cupcakes. Lesson #1.... don't attempt to eat a cupcake of which you have no idea who prepared it, UNTIL you DO KNOW. Needless to say, after my dear former student left, the rest of the cupcake went into the trash and all I can do is await the time that a virus will come over me. Alas... Happy Valentine's Day! (ha...ha!!)

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