Monday, February 27, 2006

Wishes and Fabric on its way!

I took some time tonight to get some fabric squares and wishes ready to send out tomorrow to some nice ladies. One is from New Hampshire, and the 3 others are all from Texas. Amazing! I'm so enjoying this quilt project. I'm hoping to connect with some others in our January DTC group. I'm also looking forward to the mail coming tomorrow... will there be more fabric and wishes???

I'm also working on some more letters about the quilt to send out to some of the ladies at church that I have known for a long time, as well as some to friends in town that I was missing addresses. Hopefully, I'll get these out soon as well.

After looking back at the pages I've got in the scrapbook, I really really love the one for Aunt Hilma. I love the pictures! I hope that other family and friends will see how much it adds to the page and send some too. Hint! Hint!! Geoff also pointed out that Sara's page is missing fabric. We'll have to do something about that!

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