Monday, February 20, 2006

A New Dress of Lexi

I went to Flordia this weekend with my sister (Carolyn), her boss (Jennifer) and her sister (Leighanne). Every so often we all take a few days and go somewhere for female bonding. This weekend, we went to St. Augustine. We had a really good time regardless of the fact that we had to change places to stay. We orginally had reservations at a "Condo" (this is a very gracious use of the word condo) in Cresent Beach. It was right on the beach but had the feel of a very, very old mobile home. Some of the beds actually rolled out from under the kitchen! No kidding!! The one bedroom was at the top of one of those spiral staircases that you buy in the back of a magazine. This place had so many levels, someone would have fallen and broke something before the weekend was out,not to mention the old stale smell would have caused my allergies to rebel. Long story short, we managed to get out of the rental agreement without losing very much money and Jennifer's husband managed to find us a new condo that was actually $5 less than what we were paying. It wasn't on the beach, but it was very very nice! The great part was that it was one exit from a great Outlet Mall! Of course, we had to go shopping! Now I have a new favorite store to shop for dresses for Lexi. The name of the store is Hartstrings. I bought this beautiful dress for about $20! I also got the matching sweater. This outfit is just too cute!!

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