Monday, August 07, 2006

I love this Woman!

This is a picture that I have been wanting to post every since I got home from SC. It seemed like every time I tried, something came up. Anyhow, the story behind the photo... This is mom right after finishing the stitching around and in the squares. I think she was saying a prayer of thanks that it was finally over! This picture will be framed and it will go into Lexi's scrapbook. I just love it!


Lisa~~ said...

What a sweet picture and your quilt is beautiful.

Kim M. said...

I love the picture! She is so cute!

Can I link to you on my blog? I have a section just for the Precious Pandas.

Shannon S said...

The quilt is gorgeous and the picture with your mom is priceless. A perfect scrapbook moment that you and Lexi will treasure!