Friday, August 25, 2006

Okay... I'm bored!

Geoff left this morning for a GUYS trip... golfing. I've gone on countless "girls" trips and will be leaving for another one in less than a month. And before I began going on girls trips, I spent 3 years of traveling by myself to FL for college classes 3 times a year in addition to school conference trips. Now here lately, Geoff has been going on overnight trips to Macon to take a CPA review class but he's always home by 7:00 PM on Saturday. So here I am on a Friday night by myself and I'm really missing my hubby. I'm very bored. So I'm blogging... and blogging. Don't read it if you are bored too. :) I wonder if he gets bored too while I'm away.

I'm not the only one bored. Take a look at these pictures.

This is Sable. She is our oldest. (She's 8 now.) She has refused to do anything but mope since I got home. Oh, she did get up to eat her "Frosty Paws" ice cream. You can see she is now almost laying on the empty cup. You can see her trusty old duck behind her. If anyone sees one of these in a store, please buy it for her. I'll pay you back. Sable fixates on one toy at a time and she's had this favorite for about 3 years now. I don't know what we will do when it finally wears out. Before this favorite, she had a tiger. We had about 3 of those. She really has a passion for furry toys with velor. She will not go outside without her duck.

And here is Patches. She is our pup with "separation anxiety". Most nights she would be in either Geoff's lap or mine trying to get as close to us as possible. Tonight she won't get off the couch. She's piled up in some towels that I need to fold. She also did get up long enough to eat her ice cream.

I need to get tonight over with. Tomorrow I am going to work on a new draft for my dissertation. I've also got plenty of cleaning to do. Right now I'm on the the second "City Confidental" episode... I've also watched Dr. Phil, American Justice, and Crossing Jordon. So why am I bored... I miss my hubby. :( And it's only just after 9:00!!

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Kim M. said...

Hey theat really does look boring!
Can't wait for our girls weekend!!!!