Sunday, August 20, 2006

In-laws Out of Virginia

Geoff's parents came to visit this Friday from Virginia. We all took off yesterday morning for an overnight trip to Hilton Head. Geoff and his Dad played golf and is Mom and I shopped around. Last night we went to dinner at the Crazy Crab in Harbor Town. It was a short visit as they are headed back up the road today. Unless Geoff's sister or sister-in-law has a baby soon, Lexi will be the first grandchild. Needless to say the future grandparents are anxiously awaiting the day we go get Lexi. They brought Lexi a bag full of cutie-pie outfits.

Diane told me that I was lucky Lexi didn't end up with a very LOUD striped jogging suit. Of course, I had to tell her that those are the kind of outfits that you put on the baby, take her picture and then she never wears it again.

We did have a very nice visit and now have some interesting stories to remember!!

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