Thursday, August 31, 2006

We are the Precious Pandas!

In preparation for my upcoming Sept. trip, I ordered a few t-shirts. Rewind... a tidbit that I don't think I've posted is that I'm going to Philadelphia in Sept. to meet some of the member of my Yahoo January DTC Group. We are officially the Precious Pandas. We are planning an East Coast Girls trip. (of course, I'll share details of our fun after the trip!) So I finally ordered myself one of our group t-shirts which by the way was designed by one of our East Coast Girls! I was pleasantly surprised to get the package today.

I also ordered a tank-top in the design below (also designed by our dear EC computer guru!).

On another topic... did anyone notice that our official 6 month anniversary of our LID came and went this week? Of course, I'm aware of it but I'm trying oh so hard to let the time pass without me fretting over every single day. I'm playing the "if I don't think and worry about our referral date so much, it will happen sooner game." In fact, I'm learning that when people ask me about it, I just shrug it off and say "who knows?"


Kim M. said...

I need to order one of those before the trip.

By the way love the crib shot.

Shannon S said...

Happy 6 Month LID!!! I LOVE Lexi's new baby doll. She is beautiful. Lexi is gonna be thrilled!