Friday, August 25, 2006

New Referrals are out

Apparently the newest batch of referrals are out from CCAA. The bad news is that they only did 9 more days of referrals. They have now referred babies to those who were LID as of July 19, 05. Our agency only received 2 referrals this time. Last time it was 14. Here is an excerpt from our adoption web board.

"Many people ask "why" the wait has become so long. The answer given by the CCAA is that they do not have as many healthy children available for adoption. This makes sense, given that the economy in China has dramatically improved in recent years. It seems likely that as even the rural areas become more prosperous, there are fewer healthy children being abandoned. This, of course, is GOOD NEWS and something that we all want for China's children. The other side of the issue is that many of you are waiting and longing for a child to love. We can appreciate how difficult this process has become for adoptive parents. "

No one understands. I honestly feel that they really don't have a clue what is going on over in China. Afterall, not too long ago our adoption counselor sent us an email that said there were many abandoned children in China but there were not enough orphanages that were approved to "do" adoptions. She also said that it took a while for children to become "paper ready". I figured she would know because she goes to China all the time and she IS Chinese. I'm beginning to think that there are not any answers. All we can do hope and pray.

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