Friday, August 25, 2006

On a lighter note...

So WHY do children to the things they do??? Today I was trying to teach a group of kindergarteners. Emphasis on TRYING. We were using a Classroom Response System which is basically remote controls that send signals to a receiver connected to my computer. I can ask questions, they choose an alphabetical answer and my computer records it and then gives feedback. It was ultra hard because many kindergarteners do not know what A, B, and C look like. During the entire lesson there was one little guy who kept yelling, wiggling, scooting, and not listening to me for longer than 3 seconds. Trust me, I'll probably be calling his name in my sleep tonight. Well, as we were putting away our remotes and getting ready to leave the lab, he grabbed his remote back up and proceeded to LICK it like a popsicle!! Ugh... GERMS! I can see I've got to get some antibacterial wipes for the lab and some lysol... It's totally gross but funny in a sick sort of way!

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