Friday, August 04, 2006

No longer too much time on my hands...

So today was the first day of school. Thank goodness I didn't have students today. This week has flown by and yet, I still do not feel prepared for students next week. After 18 years of teaching, WHY do I feel so much like a fish out of water??? (I don't have a homeroom, I don't have a gradelevel to work with, and basically, I'm in the special areas group where a LOT of teachers just see you as a break for them. )I was especially worried today when some Kindergarten classes stopped by to see the computer lab and meet me. (Some days I have two classes at once.) Between the two classes that visited me, there were 28 five year olds! To me! One person!! I've had as many as 31 second graders in my career in one class but 28 five year olds???... IN A COMPUTER LAB??? I guess it is hard to tell that I'm freaking out just a bit!

On a different note, I'm trying to spend $100 during tax free weekend in our state. It's not my $100. It was a money card given to all teachers of students in our state. Everyone knows that it's a last ditch attempt by our governor to get teachers to continue to vote for him. It was teachers who got him in office, not because of the things he promised to do for us but to get the prior person out of office for NOT supporting us. Low and behold, teacher's got him office and then he didn't do anything for us until this year as he seeks reelection. I guess he suddenly remembered the power of teachers in our state. I'll spend his money... but I will NOT vote for him again. I have about $49 to go. But the aggravating part is that everyone and their brother is shopping during tax free weekend! I hate crowds and obnoxious people seeking a bargain!

So after today... 179 days to go until this school year is over (that doesn't not count weekends of course). In my brain, I just know that I will NOT be at school on the last day of school next year. Instead I will be in China with our Lexi in my arms. Now that's something that does not freak me out!

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Shannon S said...

Oh man! School has started already?! I feel for you...having 28 5 year olds to yourself is absolute craziness! Personally, I think 15 is rough! Another we go, into the wild blue yonder! =) Hopefully we will be taking some time off during the year to pick up our sweeties!