Sunday, April 01, 2007

Baby Clothes from Lexi's GG (Great Granny Nanny)

This little dress was sent to us a few weeks back from Nanny (Geoff's Grandmother) and Maggie (Nanny's housemate and dear family friend). It's very cute and will make a cute church dress. Nanny also sent some little sandals to match. This makes only the second pair of shoes that we have for Lexi. The other is also a pair of sandals that my Secret Pal Carol sent me last summer to go with a bathing suit. I haven't gotten into buying shoes because I have no idea what sizes mean. I guess I was able to do it with Sara but then I had little feet to put in them. So on this we wait. Nanny stuffed the little socks with cotton balls. The socks by the way came off of one of Geoff's childhood stuffed animals (Radar) that Nanny still has. I thought it was a very sweet gesture.

And finally, Nanny and Maggie sent some play clothes. These are perfect for spring and summer and even part of fall here.

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