Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Baby Clothes

This time (as usual)it was Geoff who picked out these little outfits for Lexi. We are fairly certain that she will wear most of what we buy because it's all between 18-24 months. We have bought some 12 - 18 months stuff but you never know what season it will be when we go get her. At this point my guess is that it will be winter. Geoff and I were talking about referrals today and our best guess if things continue the way they are that we may get a referral in December. We are hoping for October or November but that is a big HOPE. We're thinking about it like this. . . if CCAA began making referrals for 15 days at a time each month, that would put us at 9 more months of waiting for referral. IF they speed up some, it could be sooner. This guessing is really pointless because it'll happen when the time is right. In the meantime, Lexi is already a huge part of our lives and it gives us pleasure to buy pretty things for her. A lot of people tell us we should wait and see what size she is and my answer there is "you try waiting 2 years + for a baby and see how you deal with it." Everyone has their own way.

This one is too cute. I love the little bloomers! This is definately a Spring and Summer outfit.

I've been eyeing this outfit too waiting for it to go on sale. We bought this one in 12-18 months thinking that it will be an outfit that will go with us to China. She'll probably need long sleeves.

This little overall capri will probably be too big for her in China but will be very functional for living in the south. She'll be able to wear this outfit Spring, Summer, and Fall. Of course, her Daddy bought the matching socks and hairbows!

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Ryan and Heather said...

Those are adorable!