Monday, April 30, 2007

Chillin' In Atlanta

Time is ticking away. Last week marked our 14th month of waiting. We were in Atlanta though and to be honest, didn't think about it until after we got home. I had to judge at the Ga. Media Festival on Friday. We left last Thursday afternoon. We had Internet that night and I did check my email but after that, I didn't check eMail or read any other adoption related sites all weekend. How nice! We had the best time. We had some wonderful dinners and had a great time seeing some Atlanta sights. On Fridayafter the judging was over, we went to the zoo. I just had to go see the baby Mei Lan. It was a bit of a let down that she was sleeping. It was fun to see her though. Her Mom was eating Bamboo while the baby slept.

We went in the Petting Zoo and got a kick out of the spoiled little pigs who were whining to go back IN their pin. While we were watching them, noticed that Geoff had a nice little lady-friend admirer.

Could this be a sign of good luck?

We also went to the Ga. Aquarium this weekend. It was awesome! I love visiting zoo's and aquariums. This one is just fabulous! We didn't get many pictures there because I forgot to bring the camera charger. After the day at the aquarium we went back to our hotel, parked and then walked to "Dante's Down the Hatch". This was a dining experience for sure! It's fondue style dining (which we had never done before) so we cooked our own dinner at our table. It was delicious. We spent the rest of the night in our room at the fabulous Hotel Intercontinental. Geoff got us a great deal on Priceline. In fact, it was cheaper than the one the county put us in Thursday night but oh so much nicer!

We actually almost made it home without buying anything for Lexi but on the way home we stopped at an outlet mall and just couldn't pass up a $1.34 long sleeve shirt and a $2.67 sleeper from the Gap. It was a very nice weekend!

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