Monday, April 23, 2007


Honestly, there has not been much to blog about lately. As my last post indicated, I'm at peace with the longer wait and am just living life. That's a good thing. The mundane can be nice. So here are a few tidbits of my not so interesting life.

1. Tax Season is over and I have my dear hubby home at the normal times. It was really weird to have him home (and available to help out!) over the weekend!

2. Sara's pregnancy is going fantastic! I saw her today and her "inny" belly button is officially now an "outty"! And did I mention how good she looks! Pregnancy definitely agrees with her! I am so ready for little Brennen to make his appearance in the near future. Some day soon I'll be washing the sheets in Lexi's crib so that Brennen can break in the bed for her. A doating GiGi I will be!

3. Testing is officially over in our school district! Yea!!! I had to proctor in a 5th grade room and just let me say, "IT'S NOT FUN!!". I honestly wondered if I was about to find out if falling asleep while walking was possible. We had to be on the move constantly, watching students to make sure they didn't skip a page or bubble incorrectly. I'm used to walking around all morning but this was just different. I'm so glad that my daily job is not like this!

4. Last weekend, we went into Savannah and met some fellow Savannah Families With Children from China (FCC) families. Only it was mostly the "wait-er's" there. One family (Toni and Mike) was there with their beautiful little Allie who has only been home about 4 months. The other 3 couples were waiting. We finally met Tamara and Michael. They have an LID the day after us so it's very likely that we will be celebrating referrals at the same time. We met at Adele and Dan 's new restaurant (Rustica Pizzeria). We had a very nice time (and the pizza was great too!) and enjoyed the great company.

5. We are heading to Atlanta on Thursday. I am going to be a judge in the state Media Festival so I am dragging Geoff along. (Remember my last trip to Atlanta by myself resulted in a broken toe and a lot of phone calls to get directions??) We are going to stay the weekend for my birthday (even though Mom has given the go ahead to skip the birthday this year. When Geoff and I began thinking of having a child -- 5 years ago-- I told him 45 was my cut off day. So Mom says we are just going to put my birthday on hold until we get Lexi. That's a fine plan if you ask me! This is one time I can say the old saying "Never, say Never" holds true" because I'll wait as long as necessary to get Lexi and once again I am learning that age is not everything. I still have a lot of love to give a child and our plans are to have two to love so ... "take that biological clock!")... Anyhow, we are going to go to the Atlanta Aquarium on Saturday and on Friday my dear hubby (bless his heart!) is going to take me to Archiver's (Wahoo!! My favorite scrapbook store - in - the - whole - wide - world-that I never get to go to!!) We are really looking forward to the weekend!

6. Relay for Life was last weekend. Our county (as of this morning) had rasied around $165,000. I am proud to announce that Jenna (my niece) raised $3000 all by herself and that the company she works for raised $45,000! How great is that! I may just have to join my school's team next year and challenge Jenna to a fund-raising competition. I'll certainly be up against a tough challenger. Seriously, I'm very proud of Jenna. She is a true inspiration!

That's about it. Not much else happening. None of this is especially interesting anyhow but I do feel the need to blog so that Lexi will know what her parents did while waiting to go get her.

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