Monday, April 09, 2007

Snuggle Bunnies??

Our fur-babies have been acting weird. These two do love each other but haven't actually ever been snuggle bunnies. Lately they've taken to sleeping between us right next to each other (as opposed to Sable at the end of the bed and Patches as close to her daddy as she can get). Well, this morning while I was doing laundry, I threw a load of towels on the couch and left them for later. The next thing I see is this:

I'm a bit confused as to what has gotten into our girls. They stayed this way until I interrupted them to fold the towels. I don't think it's Patches making the change. It's Sable. Patches has always freaked out when she has had to be separated from Sable. When we take them to the groomer, if Sable gets brought out first, Patches throws a fit. Patches also doesn't like to go outside at night without Sable. I think it is hilarious! Now if only we could get the two cats to like each other!

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