Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Day In the Life of LJ

There is never a dull moment around here! Today began with Lexi deciding she was a big girl and could feed herself her oatmeal. She would not take one bite from me until I had to play tough-Mom and put her down and then try again. Ordinarily I would welcome her trying but I was trying to speed up the AM routine in order to get her Daddy's truck to the shop. We finally had a meeting of the minds and managed to get to the shop and Daddy dropped us back off at home. Later, she ate last night's dinner that was NOT appealing yesterday but was "yummm.... yummmm" today. (I'll never figure this child out! LOL!)

After her nap I came in to this precious little one...

... "Hi....!!!"
and more "hi.... "
and then ... "MamaH!"

Later we headed to the "pool!" out side the back door! Lexi thought it was hysterical to dump water on her own head!

And of course... time to stop to blow Mommy kisses!

And take an extra close look at the camera...

Then time to dump sand on her head... (mixes nice with the water from before!)

and some "cheesiness" for the camera... she has begun to "strike a pose"!!!

After cleaning up and dinner, we headed back out to check out the Very Hungry Caterpillars we are watching over... (we uncovered them from their protective netting for a closer look!)
Lexi was very interested in them but was a bit hesitant to touch them since mommy keeps saying "be gentle". I'm raising an environmental conscious little girl who will love to protect butterflies as much as I do. I love to watch her curiosity and personality emerge. It's so much fun to watch her enjoy the little things in life. We could all learn so much from the eyes of a child...

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