Thursday, October 22, 2009

21 months old!

Gosh... time is flying! Wasn't it just yesterday that we were at 20 months and practicing blowing out candles??? (We did that tonight again... more details later!) Today when I picked up Lj my sis was there with new black rubber boots for Lj. Her little pink suede ones are adorable but not practical for puddle jumping and running in wet grass with Papa T. The only ones anyone has been able to find in her size are black ones... so black it is! She LOVES them!!! Carolyn is going to add some decorations to them to make them more girly but you know ... our girl is a good mix of girly-girl and tom-boy! This picture demonstrates it perfectly... black boots... capri jeans with just the right amount of girly girl... Elmo shirt that could pass for boy or girl... complete with pink girly girl sunglasses and girly hat worn silly! She was a sight to behold! I should have video taped that little munchkin running to her Daddy's truck as he came home from work!

We had a lot of "birthday" fun tonight. I can't wait to scrapbook some of her funny cupcake pictures! She was even more fun this month! And for now we think "chocolate icing" is the favorite! Let's just say.... cupcake + candle = bath!

So is this our "quirky girl" or a glimpse of her teenage rebellious years??? LOL! Right now it's pretty darn cute!

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Carolyn Smiley said...

I just showed this to Britt and she wanted to know if it was "wacky tacky day" !!!!:)

mhsands said...

LJ would have fit in at Matthew's school today... which of course Matthew didn't want to do the tacky day -- he's no fun!