Thursday, October 15, 2009


The washclothes that were Lexi's fav in China were replaced with bibs soon after we returned home. The beloved bibs have gone to the wayside and now we are fixated on blankets. She loves this brown polka dot one but she also has a pink one that she likes. This morning when I picked her up out of bed, she never let go of the blanket.

Her new thing is eating my breakfast. Everyone morning, Geoff fries me an egg or makes me an egg sandwich and I'll eat it on the way to work. Sometimes I break off a piece and give it to Lexi. Usually she is still so sleepy she just holds it until she gets to Mom's. Well this morning, before Geoff even got in sight of her as he was helping me get packed and on my way Lexi said "ah-uuummm" (that's her yum). She didn't even know for sure he had anything in his hand but I guess she knows we are creatures of habit and she has the routine down pat!

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