Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm blogging and Lj is awake!

And why is that significant? Well, she's been sick since Monday (the first time since we got her 9 months ago). I took her to Mom's with a cough on Monday morning. I had heard her cough a few times during the night and my mommy instincts kicked in. So on the way out I grabbed the ear thermometer, Tylenol, and Zyrtec. When I got there I was showing mom how to take her temperature with the new fanged technology and found she had a 99 degree temp. Of course, I wanted to turn right back around and take her home but I knew she was in good hands. I called and checked on her. The fever was gone, she was eating, and all seemed fine. Then Mom called about 1:00. Her fever was up to 100.

So long story short... I've been home with her yesterday and today. We went to the dr. yesterday to make sure it wasn't the dreaded flu! (Thank heaven it wasn't!) But we have had one little miserable pitiful little girl on our hands. Her fever never went over 102 but it still worried her daddy like crazy. On Monday night when it was so high he couldn't stay out of her room making sure she was breathing. At one point she woke up while he was in there and then he had to do the whole walk to her sleep routine again. I was almost to the point of putting her in bed with us but I knew the way she sleeps none of us would rest.

We really didn't know what to expect from our little precious girl during sickness. We know now... she's just like ME. Pity the day Geoff has to stay home with the both of us sick. She would not let us rock her to sleep. It had to be walking. She wouldn't sit on your lap to play, read, or do anything. We had to be in the floor or walking. Let me just say it is exhausting! So even though she still has a slight fever that comes and goes today, she is doing better and is acting like herself again. She had a respiratory viral infection so there was nothing to give her but at least it's running its course and she is getting better. There's nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything to help.

Last night after an afternoon of walking the floors holding her I welcomed her daddy to come help. He brought home chicken from Kroger and I fixed a few things to go with it. After dinner I was emptying the dishwasher and putting away ALL the dishes from the day since I could not do anything but help Lexi. Geoff had her in the living room and very kindly asked if I wanted him to do the dishes. I burst out laughing... NOT A CHANCE BUSTER! LOL! Normally, I hate emptying the dishwasher... but my back needed a Lj break!

Now I'm off to see if I can get the little sweetie to nap. Wonder if it will be walking or rocking???

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