Sunday, October 04, 2009


I know I take spells of posting and to tell the truth, I'm probably not done for today. I love recording Lexi's life. I just don't have enough time (and sometimes the energy) to do it like I would hope. These pictures were taken earlier in the week one night after bathtime. Lexi decided she needed to put on her shoes for us. She is so funny about how she goes about it. She does not sit down but instead twists her feet until she gets them in. It takes twice as long this way but she does it!

We were so tickled to see that her pj's finally fit! These were some we bought her during the wait. She was so cute when we put them on her and said "baa, baa". It's so cute. Our girl can finally wear some clothes that are over 12 months! She is growing every day! Just last night after we put her to bed, we were talking about how much she has brought to our lives and how thankful we are to have her. Life is just so much better with her in it!

I think she is really bonding and attaching to us more and more everyday. She now asks to be rocked whereas before she really didn't want it. She used to be content to be put to bed and left alone. Now we have a routine at night where we watch the Pajanimals on Sprout and sing bedtime songs and then we read books. She likes to tell everyone's picture on the mantle "night, night" and then we rock awhile. She always wants a blanket and if you don't have one, she will ask for it. If you don't sing to her, she will start humming to remind you to sing to her. We try to put her down relaxed without completely putting her to sleep as we don't want her to lose the ability to self soothe and go to sleep on her own. She is precious!

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sfennell said...

No pictures of the PJS? I have a few things to bring you but I am afraid they are too big if she is just wearing a 12months.

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Susan, those are her PJ's. They are cute enough to be play clothes though!