Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Furlough Days 2 and 3

You would THINK that with two furlough days I could find a few minutes to post some pictures of our darling but no... it's been too busy despite all the rain! Yesterday we had planned to go to have lunch with Geoff and do some shopping but got up to rain! Lots of rain! Geoff said he would make it easy on us if we decided to come in and meet us at the mall instead of us going Downtown and then heading shopping. This of course would mean that Lj would not get to see anyone at his office but we felt it would be best for her. We met him at the mall, had some lunch and looked for Lj some shoes. We really didn't have any luck for her (but I found some for me really cheap!) so on the way home I stopped at Target. We did buy two pairs there. Almost all Lexi's shoes have been from Stride Rite since the very first week we returned home. We felt she needed the stability their shoes provide and only bought one pair of sandals otherwise for looks only. Well, yesterday, I bought her a pair for church with a cute little lady bug on them and a pair of light pink boots to wear outside. I also bought her a red Elmo shirt, new socks, new bows, and an Elmo to LEAVE at Nana's. So we come home and immediately she had to try on both pairs of shoes again! And then the shirt and while we were at it, we tried to see if we could make pigtails. So by the time Geoff came home his cute little girl dressed in one of the cutest Gymboree outfits that we bought to take to China (blue jean skirt with daisies around the bottom with matching yellow shirt with daisy buttons, and daisy leggins with matching socks!) had transformed into little Asian girl with pigtails that stick straight up with pink boots, red Elmo shirt, blue jean skirt and daisy leggins. When she RAN out of the house to greet Daddy she was a sight to see and certainly surprised her Daddy! Even last night as we were going to bed he told me again how surprised he was to find little quirky pig-tail Asian beauty greeting him at the car. In my mind, it was purely precious and just a glimpse at her personality yet to surface!

So today we got up and my plans were to lay low and do some blogging during her nap complete with pictures. But we got up and headed over to possibly her first daycare (we're looking at two times a week half days). Lexi dressed for the occasion to charm in her little blue jean skirt (this one 3-6 months Gymboree with flowers that we bought at the consignment store) and a Gymboree Pink Panda Shirt (12-18 months that we bought a LONG time ago during the wait) along with her new pink boots and ONE ponytail with bow. She was adorable! No, she was stinkin' cute! I called Geoff and described her and told him that if you could look up "stinkin' cute" in the dictionary it would show a picture of Lj! She charmed them at the daycare... blowing kisses... laughing, playing... just making them WANT her to be a regular. So afterwards, we decided since she was so "stinkin' cute" she and I would go have lunch with Dad. She STILL did not get to meet the only male partner at the office but as usual did some good charming of Gail and blew her kisses! Everywhere we went Lexi just drew attention. She has a way of doing that with her cute little self. We ate lunch and Lexi had an onion ring with a LOT of honey mustard (did you catch the ONE onion ring?).

Once we got home, we went to Mom's so that we could let Lexi see Nana and Papa in preparation for the adjustment tomorrow (agh.... I got to go back to work!). Well, Lexi immediately latched onto Daddy and they fed the fish, fed the fish, fed the fish, fed the fish and then played outside and she basically had her way with him while Mom and I talked. After awhile I took her home and rocked her until she fell asleep for a nap. She didn't stay asleep long though. She has been "itching" lately especially on her head and we just can't figure out what is going on with her. I did give her some Benadryl and it finally helped after a bath but if this continues I will be calling the dr. I rocked her until she was relaxed tonight and then put her down without her crying and then began to get things ready for her to go to Mom's tomorrow. As I searched for the camera from the restaurant today, I discovered.... the half of a HOTDOG that I had put in her diaper bag IN CASE she would eat it on the way home (what was I thinking in the first place... this is the child who so easily gets car sick and rarely eats or drinks in the car??). Thankfully, I decided to do this blog post even without pictures otherwise just imagine what that hotdog would be like in a few days! The last two furlough days make me wish I had more time with her every week. I just wish I could still have the PAY to go with the time off!

The last few days have been so much fun! I only wish we were this much adjusted when we first brought her home but good things take time and this is one of them. Just this morning I was thinking of how I can now take a shower and let her roam the house and not fear for her or have to lock her in the room with me only to discover her cradled on the blanket I laid down trying to make herself go to sleep because she is in so much fear. Today, I look back on those days and just wish I had at the time just not showered. I know she needed to get into our routine and learn her "new life" but oh my! I really hope and pray that I did not add any trauma to her so young life. The little LJ we know now is so more confident and secure and I do feel that we have overcome so much!

So now tomorrow I have to go back to work... I never for one second doubt that she is in the best hands ever with my Mom and Dad. I don't look forward to handing her over for even just 2 half days a week to a daycare because they do such a wonderful job with her. And I don't look forward to going to work myself because I miss time with her. She is not just the definition of "stinkin' cute' but also "precious". I know there are TONS of "stinkin' cute and precious" kids out there. Sara is one of them as well is my grandsons, I guess it's just time in my life to realize how wonderful little ones can really be.

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