Friday, October 30, 2009

Potty Princess??

Blogging on my lunch break...I love to upload at school because it's so quick! I actually started this layout on Monday before I realized how sick Lexi was. This picture was taken last weekend while Geoff was on the computer in the study. There was a potty in the accumulated mess there that we bought for Lexi this summer. I hate it! It's not nearly as nice as the boxed picture looked and it's too tall for her to sit on it comfortably so I've just tossed it in the study. Well, Lexi went in there and sat on it in her pj's and proceeded to go "shewwwwww". She told Geoff by saying "shhheewwwww". I walked by to find her and Geoff said, "she's stinky". She sure was!

Later in the weekend, she did it again but his time it was on her new potty that we bought at Toys R Us. We really didn't intend to potty train her until Spring or at least when she can pull her own pants down and clearly tell us she needs to go but at the same time, she is showing signs of "getting it". She even comes to us and tells us when she is wet and has had several nights of waking up dry or at least mostly dry. So we are going to start slowly with mostly putting her on the potty before her bath. Honestly though, I'm NOT ready for my baby to reach this milestone yet! We've only had her 9 months!

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Tracy said...

Potty away!!! I AM ready for this milestone :)

mhsands said...

A princess she is!