Friday, May 22, 2009

16 Months Today!

Sorry, I didn't get any new picts today but do have some to post later of yesterday.

Today Lexi is 16 months old. Her gift to me was at dinner. She signed Mama (in the right place!) and said "My Mama". Oh my how that melted my heart!

Another first she had today was Mom noticed that she was engaging in imaginary play. She would act as if she were picking up something from the table and then place it in Mom's hand. After a little while, Mom cupped her hands together and then reopened them. Lexi then proceeded to "take" the imaginary thing and put it back on the table. Amazing!

Well, after supper tonight, I was watching her play with Geoff and realized that she was doing it with him. So after she handed him several imaginary things I told him to act like he was eating it. So he did and she got so excited. She kept bringing him more and more. Finally I came over and started to "eat" from his hand and she then started to "feed" me. She even ate some herself. This was fascinating to watch her so young in imaginary play!

She is our gift! Our precious gift from God!

And on another topic.... our family got a stunning surprise yesterday. I am not sure I have mentioned before that my parents were foster parents for 25 years. Many children have touched our lives over the years but some more than others. Some left their "mark" on our family. Well, the last one they had came to visit Dad yesterday (mom was here with Lexi). It's amazing to me to realize she could remember the way when it has been about 10 years since she was last over. She was with us all for about 4 years. She appeared yesterday to invite us all to her graduation! I can't give all the intimate details of our relationship with her out of respect for her privacy but let it suffice to say, we were ALL thrilled to hear from her. So tomorrow, most of us locally in our family will be attending her high school graduation and her after-grad party. This is such a blessing for us all. I can't wait to see her again. She was a beautiful precious child that we all loved very much!!

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