Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Swim!

Oh My, what a fun day! My niece, Brittney had her 13th Birthday party today at my sister's house. It was a Luau Party and Lexi and I came to join in the fun. Lexi as far as we know has never been in a pool. She hated the bath when we got her and it took weeks to get her comfortable in water so imagine my surprise when she LOVED the pool today! It was a girls party so only me and Lexi went. I wasn't even sure if we would get in the pool but brought our suits just in case and I'm so glad we did. My only regret is that her Daddy wasn't there to see our precious daughter enjoy her first pool experience. She was smitten by the older girls and watched them like a hawk. She ate hamburgers with chips (loved the Doritos!) and from then on said "NO" to her bottle.
I was never more surprised as she kicked her feet, got dunked accidentally and still loved it and when she got splashed by the little kids there she laughed rather than shied away or get upset. I had such a GREAT time with Lexi today. Things are different for sure. I came to the party under the pretense of "helping" my sister but in the end, all we did was enjoy the fun. I was no help at all.
Lexi was worn out tonight when we put her down and quickly went to sleep. I'm now wondering if she will love the beach as much as I do! We will find out soon as we leave for Amelia Island on the 6th for a week long vacation with my sister Carolyn.
P.S. Click on the picture to get a close up view of each picture. I just love the expressions on her face. Can anyone even guess which is my favorite?


mhsands said...

How cute is little LJ? I bet your favorite pic is you in your suit! HEE HEE! Okay, maybe it is the "I Dream of Jeannie" nose twitching one. She is rather "Bewitch"-ing!

Linda said...

I bet it's the nose scrunch one. That's adorable, but I also like the one next to it with her little mouth in an o,looks like such fun. It's pretty amazing how they change so quickly. As Lauren gets more secure we see more of her little personality , but she is having alittle struggle since Donna went back to work, I know it will work itself out, bt it's still hard to see. Hoping for more miracles along the way with our girls. Linda

Anonymous said...

Geoff is going to have to learn to like the water. Swimming lessons start up again next week. Sign Geoff up! LOL!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the one with ME! It truly shows how much she enjoyed the pool. I can't wait to see her at the beach. Between you and me we will have that little one swimming before summer is over!!! Wish ya'll were here today swimming. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I like LJ's little swimsuit. My favorite is with you sister(maybe?). LJ looks to be having soooo much fun. I think the beach trip will be a lot of fun for the Smith family. Can't wait to see!! Once again, missed the little one at achool. Ok plan for pre-planning trip down the kindergarten hallway for next year!! Have a great summer!! Love your blog!!!!

Pamela Harden

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the "angry" face in the middle. :)
I am so glad you all had a good time!

Wanda and Geoff said...

My favorite is the one of her looking backwards in the pool. I just love the look on her face, those lips, and the way her hair is falling on her head. I also love the silly scrunch face in the middle. She's been making that one a lot lately. She does that alot when she wants her sunglasses on.