Friday, May 29, 2009

Lexi Goes to School

I'm STEALING this from my sweet friend Melissa's blog! (don't you just love the second picture of the second row!!! Kissy Face Lexi!) Lexi had to come visit FLE this week for about an hour and a half while my parents went to a neighbor's funeral. She behaved very appropriately with strangers which made me a very happy Mommy! She took a while but she really warmed up to Mrs. Danner, who has a little one close in age with LJ, and Mr. Harris who gave her a cassette tape (brand new!) to play with, and then with Melissa who has the most fabulous toys to play with (like the bean bags chairs!) in the Media Center. It was fun to have my little sweetie at school even though we were not technically supposed to have her there (but it was either I'm there with her for a few hours or I take a half a day... and given it was post-planning days, it was a no-brainer!)

I then took her to Mom's house and then when Mom took her back to our house we had motion sickness again. Yikes! I thought that was maybe, hopefully over. Not so! I guess when we travel long distances we may as well prepare as the Dr. advised. We are going to be heading to Amelia Island for a week of vacation and East Coast Panda reunion fun on the 6th. And as of TODAY, I'm off with LJ for 8 weeks! I plan to stay busy with her and bond as much more as possible! She and I will be joined at the hip for 8 weeks! By the time I go back to work she will be almost 19 months old. rushing... not going there!! LOL!

Happy last day of the 08-09 school year for me!!

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