Monday, May 11, 2009

Ahhh... Parenthood!

I know I still need pictures because that is what most people want regardless of anything else. But I still have not downloaded yesterdays pictures.

I took them to work to do but got had to work (imagine that!). We learned today that one of the local TV stations are coming to our school tomorrow and guess what??? I'll be one of the ones spotlighted. Of course, I am the computer lab teacher and resident gardener but what they want to show are the gardens that we have been working on. We've planted the summer garden now and are working on the butterfly garden and the pumpkin patch. So I have been coming up with things that I'll have the kids doing during the interview. That was not hard since I already had things planned. But this afternoon, after Lexi's 2nd nap I got her ready and just drove up to school to drop off some milkweed plants that I have been growing at home. I noticed on the way there that Lexi was not talking or making any noises. She was happy and chattering and talking to her mirror when I put her in the carseat and then less than 1/8th of a mile, nothing. My drive to work is about 10 minutes. I got there, dropped off the stuff and checked on LJ. She was fine. I adjusted the mirror so I could see her. On the way home, she was still quiet. So when I got home and opened the door found out why. She had gotten car sick again. This is the 4th time. The 3rd time in the last week! I think our daughter has developed motion sickness! We have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and I'll be asking him to check her ears just in case! I certainly need some advice. If we can't make it to the grocery store, or on a 20 minute ride back and forth to my work, how will we ever get anywhere else?? I thought at first it was because she had recently eaten but today it had been about 2 hours since she had had anything.

I read that carsickness in toddlers could be brought on by the rear facing carseat and them not being able to see out. Basically, not being able to see out confuses the brain. Lexi does not pass the criteria for a foward facing carseat (20 lbs. AND 1 year). I can't wait to see what the Dr. says. We really are baffled. I know from now on when we go anywhere a BIG bib will be around her neck!!

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