Saturday, May 09, 2009

Way over due... Happy Birthday to Me!

I know.. it's been at least 2 weeks since I posted. I even let my own birthday go by without posting. Geoff took this picture of me and Lexi before church that day. You know as an adult birthdays become just another day but this year I found myself more giddy about it. I was just so excited to have my first birthday with Lexi home. We enjoy all the "firsts" with Lexi. The first time she does something like points to her nose or the first time she says "kitty Kat"... so this year with her home made my usual not a fuss birthday more special. She is the best birthday "present" ever!

We took her to church and for the first time let her stay in the nursery. I made them promise to beep us if she cried.... It was me crying as I left her there though. Lexi was fine. But then when we went to pick her up, I looked in doorway to see Lexi crying and the woman taking care of her distressed saying "she JUST started crying when I tried to change her". I remember when I used to teach Sunday School and how they want you to change all the babies at least once during the hour so that no mom picks up a wet baby. What I didn't think of was that since February 24th no one but me, Geoff or Mom has changed Lexi. I'm just guessing that it scared her. Next time which will be tomorrow, if we leave her, we will tell them to beep us if she needs a diaper change OR cries.

Tomorrow is our first Mother's Day with Lexi and we are going to be dedicating her at church tomorrow. It's not a baptism but rather a dedication by US to raise her according to the teachings in the bible. We are Baptist so we believe that Lexi will make her own spiritual decisons as she grows up in the church. This is really a 5 minute ceremony but so huge to me. I remember dedicating Sara and how special it was and after all these years of waiting and fighting back tears on Mother's Day as we waited for her and most of the time losing the battle, we finally have Lexi home. Tomorrow will be an extra special day.

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