Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Busy Sunday

This post is backwards! It starts with one tired little Lexi after a change in our daily routine. This is what we got after taking her to church and then to my Mom's after church! The difficult thing about church is that it's around the time of her morning nap and then if we do anything like LUNCH afterwards, we really push her behind schedule!

This morning, I could have skipped the makeup because I cried it all off at church. Both me and Lexi seem to be getting separation anxiety. She cried when we left her this morning. This does make us see that she is bonding with us. But breaks my heart every time! This morning there happened to be a woman walk in the door in front of us tugging a 7-8 year old child behind her scolding him so hatefully! She went over to change a baby and as she was doing it continued to be grumpy and loud! Geoff and I took one look at each other and started to walk backwards away from the door. Just as we were having the do we leave her in the same room with her conversation, a man peaked over and asked us if we were leaving Lexi. We reluctantly said yes... and then Lexi cried, followed by Me. I made sure to tell the man that we have not had Lexi very long and that we did not want her crying and to page us if she did for longer than a few minutes. I also mentioned that no one should change her diaper and to page us for that as well. He looked at me like I was nuts and then asked, "is she adopted?" I so bit my tongue to not say, "well, no I gave birth to a 15 month old two months ago". Then he wanted to know where she was from. I made sure he knew that she would know what he was saying. I walked next door to the woman who was in there with her last time and through my tears told her that I know I'm protective but I did not want Lexi in the room with the mean woman and to please page me if she continued to cry. As soon as we got to the door, Geoff said "where are we going" and then answered for me "to your Mama". See Mom is doing the children's church this month with some of her friends. I went in and got all of their support. They promised they would sneak over and check on her and if she was crying Mama would get her. So we went on to church. We had been in there about 5 minutes and Geoff leaned over and said, "want me to go check on her", followed by my "YES!". He came back and said she was fine and was playing with some kids.

Then as the beautiful choir musical began I teared up just realizing how much more we are bonding. Every day our love for Lexi grows deeper and we can feel her doing better with us as well. Then there was a break in the musical that showed video of a family that had lost their daughter on the eve of her 14th birthday. There was no holding the tears. That musical was so touching that I cried 3 times during the 50 minute presentation. And then every time I thought of Lexi, I was at it again. As soon as it was over Geoff leaned over and asked "do you want me to go get her" followed quickly by my "YES!".

Turns out Mom and her friends checked on Lexi three times. The last time, Lexi was crying and mom took her and she stayed with them until Geoff came. Also, we learned that the mean woman was not in there the whole time. She was there to change her own child and apparently has two mentally challenged children and says that she has to be strict with them like that to get their attention. I just don't get how parents can be that way especially with handicapped children. I really don't know what we will do with Lexi from now on. We apparently are not ready to leave her with anyone but my Mom and Dad. Maybe next week, we'll keep her with us and go to the cry room WHEN she gets restless.

Lexi wore a little 3-6 month Baby Gap dress that we bought on clearance for $12! It was adorable on her! We loved watching our little lady in red. After we went to Mom's we changed her into some Old Navy bermuda shorts and top ... size 12-18 months. How's that for a gap in sizes?! I'v heard that Old Navy runs really small and I guess it's true. We've learned that we can't say for certainty what size she wears. But after her pediatrian visit last week, we know that she now weighs 18 lbs. (up .8 from last month) and is 29 inches tall (up 2 inches since China).

We had a fun dinner with Mom, Dad and Richard with Lexi the star of the show. We took her outside to Mom's back yard and let her walk in the grass. She really is NOT a fan of grass, especially really good grass like Mom and Dad's. We finally had to take our little angel home and put her to bed.

Worn out after church and dinner at Granny's.

Playing in backyard.

Taking time to smell the flowers before church.

Little Lady in Red.


Shannon said...

Oh, she's just beautiful!!! Just catching up on blogs and I'm so glad I stopped by! LJ is such a cutie-her big eyes just light up! Wow, can't believe your cat hasn't run...Ellie has scared away ours! Sending wonderful wishes your way. =)

Wanda and Geoff said...

Shannon, I know what you mean! It's harder than ever to keep up with blogs I follow and even hard to post to mine!

Smokey is actually the only animal in the house that seems to really like Lexi!


mhsands said...

Well, if noting else, just know LJ has the cutest clothes on the block, sista! HEE HEE -- Mama got taste!

Donna Burkhalter said...

She is so adorable. I got teary just reading your blog. I guess that is what being a mama and tenderhearted does to you.

Melissa said...

Lexi is such a cute little peanut! It sounds like leaving her at church is hard...I say try the cry room so then you won't have to worry! Glad things are going well!

Anonymous said...

Lexi is so cute! I love her dress!!! Sara