Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Taste of Cheese Sticks!

Today we went shopping for some things for our vacation. We took Lexi to Logan's for lunch and ordered cheese sticks. We decided to give her some to try. Boy did she like them. It was so much fun watching her discover the cheese. We get the most pleasure watching her do new things, even silly little things like eating cheese sticks for the first time. She continues to amaze us with her sweet personality!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS TO LEXI!!!! For winning the cutest baby contest! We knew you could do it! Love Ya! Sara

mhsands said...

That is just too cute. Sure wish I was eating some cheese sticks... but, I'm stuck at work! YUCK!

Linda said...

Love your scrapbook pages, They look great. Of course with a beauty like Lexie how else could they turn out!!
Is life grand with our sweet girls!!

Stephe said...

Love the photos. I baby G too much. I would have had that cheese stick in 20 pieces before I gave it to her. I so need to be around you guys in AI to see the light. I'm also finding out that daycare doesn't cut up stuff that much and G is probably thinking "MOMMMMMMM"! Oh well.
LOVE the layout!!!! Looks AWESOME! Stephe