Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Field Day 2009!

Is it really May of 2009? Today was our school's field day and it was COLD here in South GA! By cold I mean what would normally be 90 degree or more temperatures began in the 50's and peaked in the high 60's with the winds at 20 - 30 degrees. I was helping with the 5th grade and froze! By the time we were finished, my feet were sooooo COLD! I was what we call "cold to the bone!". It took me over 2 hours being indoors with the heat on to warm me up! This southern girl can take the heat but she sure can't take the cold! Tonight I'm sneezing and wearing winter pj's! Thankfully, we have 3 more days of kids at school! Soon... summer vacation is upon us and then I get more time with LJ! (who by the way, is close to being in the top 3 Cutest Kid in our area!... so keep voting!!!)

Today I left work and went to get Lexi. This was unusual as Mom comes to us every morning and I come straight home most days to get to Lexi. But today Mom had an appointment so she took her to her house and was going to let Daddy and Richard watch her until I got there. Because it was Field Day we got to leave as much as 30 minutes early so I go there before Mom left. Lexi was sitting in my Mom's lap when I arrived. Apparently though before I arrived, she ran to my dad saying "Papa, Papa!!!" and let him just eat her up! Then Richard came home and she shared her "sugars" with him too. She is all of a sudden letting Richard play and hold and love her! It's fun to watch! Lexi... creates her own rules.

Let's see, Lexi is the 7th Grandchild and the 6th Great-Grandchild and all of them until NOW have called my mother Granny. But little LJ has a plan... my mom's new name is Nanny, Nanny, Nanny! I think it is hilarious and soooo cute!!! Her "Nanny" sounds more like "Nonny, Nonny" but it is so clear.

She is exploding with new things right now and so amazing to watch. Just today as we played with her kitchen pots and pans, I said, "Lexi, are you cooking?" and she signed to me "eat". She just started signing "eat" on Sunday morning. She now signs, "mama", "dada", "eat", "drink", "bed", "more", "milk", "ball" and "cat". We watch the "Sprout" channel every night and the last thing she sees before bedtime is the "sign" for the night. Last night as soon as the part came on with the new sign came on, she began to make the sign for "bed". Our little girl is great at mimicking! We better keep all bad influences away!

We are 5 days away from 3 months from Gottcha Day! And we can't even begin to imagine life without our little LJ!

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