Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aunt Carolyn Loves Lexi!

Lexi made out like a bandit today!  Carolyn and I went to Springtime Made in the South this morning.  Lexi stayed with her Daddy and he brought her to work with him around noon and then met them for lunch when we were finished.  When Carolyn arrived she had a new outfit for Lexi complete with matching hat and sunglasses.  Well, at the show Carolyn bought her a Bunny Bow and I of course bought her about 7 of them! After lunch we wandered down to the Gap and I fell in love with a cute summer dress (on sale too!) and Carolyn fell in love with a pair of Bermuda shorts and a matching top.  So she bought them for Lexi.  She is going to make her a matching bow (which is why the shirt is not in this picture below). 

Lexi also got a new puzzle from Gail (one of the partners at Geoff’s office) and I bought her a new pair of tutu pj’s.  So I’ll tell you little Miss Lj surely is loved!

On the way home we stopped to get some water at a gas station.  Carolyn noticed that Lexi was almost out of juice so she bought her some more when she went in.  She came back and put it in her sippy cup and then handed it back to Lexi.  Lexi said “cank u man” (Thank you mam).  It was so funny.  She has been saying that a lot lately to anyone who does things for her.  It’s so cute!  She also has been talking so much more.  She kept calling Carolyn by name when she wanted her attention.  Of course that just makes Carolyn love her even more!  :-)

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Carolyn Smiley said...

I really enjoyed the day with both of you but I have to admit the highlight of my day was hearing that sweet voice saying Carolyn! She was so cute when we saw that lady that works in Geoff's office and Lexi would point to you and say Momma and then point to me and say Carolyn!! I swear I couldn't love her anymore if she was my own! She is truly a blessing for all of us.