Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sick Girl??


I am not sure what is going on with Lexi but I know it’s something.  Last week she had a really bad cold but we managed to control it without a dr. visit.  She even had a little fever on Sunday.  Well, Monday night was awful!  We spent about 3 hours trying to get her to go back to sleep after she woke up in the middle of the night.  I thought maybe it was a fluke but then yesterday she also had trouble staying asleep when she took her nap at Mom’s.  She’s been even more clingy than usual and not hardly eating.  Last night was the worst.  She woke up about 30 minutes after we put her down and cried for us hysterically.  It just breaks my heart when she is like this.  I have no desire to even try to let her “cry it out” when she is so obviously upset.  After Geoff spent  hours with her in her room, we ended up moving her to our room and put her in the port-a-crib.  She was not happy but finally settled down and maybe got about 5 hours rest.  I wonder if it is her ears.  I need to know so we are going to the dr. this afternoon.  She fell asleep a little while ago as I held her and rocked while she watched Sesame Street.  Normally, she wouldn’t do this without moving in and out of my lap.  So I waited until she was good and asleep and laid her down in the recliner. I’m hoping that the exhaustion from last night combined with being slightly upright will help her sleep. I feel like a crazy mom for taking my child to the dr. with no fever or symptoms otherwise except for no sleeping but my friend Samantha told me that her boys get them and never have a fever and that it’s the sleeplessness that gives her a clue. I hate to say this but I am hoping I’m right because otherwise, what other issue could we be looking at??  Being a Mommy and Daddy is so tough sometimes!


We went to the dr. and unfortunately we have no answers still. Lexi did have ear wax covering one of her ear drums and we discovered she is cutting a molar on the top but aside from that there is no reason for all the late night drama.  We did not see our regular pediatrician today so I didn’t get his usual great insight.  This one said she may be experiencing some severe separation anxiety.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  We are coming up on our one year Lj-Day anniversary and this is by far the worst we have had it at home.  At this point, I just hope it is carryover behavior from being sick last week. She definitely is not herself. We will over come though!  Who knows maybe this is just triggered from tax season.  I miss her daddy too and I’m an adult.  We are thinking of installing Skype on his computer at work so she can see him for a few minutes each afternoon when we come home. 


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Dan, Samantha, DJ, & Andrew said...

I totally thought it was her ears!!! That is craziness! Poor Lexi :O( Well, at least now you're prepared if she has the symptoms again... I promise, DJ and Andrew are well-known at our pediatrician's office for having ear infections with NO fever, and no symptoms except not sleeping... I'll say a little prayer that Lexi (and YOU) get to sleep tonight!!! :o) Love you!!!!!!!!