Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thanks Aunt Neaners and Uncle Charlie!

Lexi got a package in the mail today.  It was a Valentine surprise from Aunt Neaners and Uncle Charlie!  It had a card, a teddy bear, Valentine spoon and fork, socks, and a dress with some tights.  Lexi loved the teddy bear and the dress the best!  In fact she wanted to try it on right then!  Unfortunately, we will most likely be putting it away for Fall because it was way to big but it will probably be perfect for the Fall!  I love the bright pretty colors too! 



Now the problem with trying on clothes with Lexi is that she gets attached to them so easily.  When I took the dress off of her, she had a melt-down!  I was trying to get her to put on Pj’s when Geoff had another idea.  So look what she ended up wearing and in fact wore it to bed!

IMG_3951 Yes, this is it!  The dress from Ms. Fair from Christmas!  When she saw it, Lexi was instantly over me taking off the dress and then insisted on finding the leggings that went with it.  At one point, she wanted a bow as well.  (I think this outfit by far is her FAVORITE outfit ever!)

So why the whiney face?  This was after we bribed her to drink her milk tonight by turning off her current favorite TV show: Caillou.  She really wanted that show back on and finally drank some in return to get her show turned back on.

This child keeps us guessing.  As soon as we think we have her pegged, she changes.  She’s been super talkative lately.  Some of it we completely understand and others not so much.  It’s fun to be able to understand it when she says things and to listen to her string sentences together. 

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Carolyn Smiley said...

My thanks to Aunt Neaners and Uncle Charlie too. I was beginning to think that maybe I needed to post something on Lexi's site!! (Wanda it has been a WHOLE week since you posted last!) Guess that just goes to show how busy you have been being a Mom! The pictures with the bear are sooo cute!