Monday, February 22, 2010

Vitamin Video

I attempted to get Lexi's vitamin routine on video this afternoon. It's not easy holding the camera and coaxing her at the same time but I think it's pretty good. She is such a joy! This afternoon we came home and then sat at the table and colored awhile. Then we took a mile walk (YES! I'm finally getting some exercise!) and counted squirrels. We counted 57! She is going to be a nature lover just like her mommy! After we came back in from walking, I put on an episode of Elmo so I could start dinner. Yes! I let Elmo help me out! Right now during tax season, he's next best thing to family! She did come in the kitchen for awhile though and that's when I got the video. Once she got the vitamin, it was Elmo time again. I know I'm not the only parent that just falls deeper in love with her child every day. I guess that is one of the wonders and joys of parenthood. Before I left mom's today I told her that I hope Lexi will always be as sweet as she is right now. Mom agreed and said that she had been thinking the same thing.

Tonight I cooked a recipe that is supposed to be just like P.F. Chang's Spicy Chicken. We've had it before and it was a keeper. It's not too spicy for Lexi but she was not into it... she ate a hotdog while we had Chinese. During our meal, I looked at Geoff and asked him why isn't the Chinese girl eating Chinese? It was funny because then Lexi repeated "Chinese" in her baby talk. Our lives are so rich with blessings.

So enough of me talking... here's the vitamin video. I hope someone can figure out where the arm rolling comes from! I'm stumped!


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Carolyn Smiley said...

That is her version of sign language for the word vitamin! She is such a sweetheart.