Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of February


It’s hard to believe the last of February is here!  Time if flying by like crazy!  We didn’t do much but hang around the house today.  I continued to fight my allergies but I am getting better.  This afternoon Lexi and I went outside for a little play time.  She was so happy to be outside!  I decided to post a few of the 100 pictures I took! 

LJ 220 So happy!

LJ 217

Flower Child 

LJ 245

Caught in Mid-air 

LJ 305

Pick Me Up!

LJ 294

 Making Tea

LJ 290

Watching Caillou


mhsands said...

Love the last pic! That expression is priceless!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

If only I could get as much respect as Caillou!